Six Piece Style Collection

Reporting from Texas here: I am having a hard time believing that I’m actually back in America again after two years! When I returned I discovered that my grandmother had her cave-of-a-laundry-room transformed into a delightfully styled one! I was so inspired with the style and all the individual pieces that I just had to share some of the pictures!

1. A adorable Spoon Fork painting that my grandmother found at a antique market (antique markets have some serious hidden treasures!)
2. A framed vintage paper doll – one of five framed in her laundry room. Love it!
3. A little wooden desk with a slide up cover
4. (Just had to take a picture of this) Uniquely shaped wooden light switch cover (none of that cheapy plastic stuff!)
5. A little straw hat that was hiding behind the door
6. Old wicker basket

Finals Week

The dreaded week of final exams has begun. Final Exams week is almost here and I’m sure everyone will agree that the weekend before the “battle” is always the worst. I woke up somewhat late this Saturday morning and started studying. The only thing that keeps me going is the thought that I only have to get past these 4 days of torture and then I’ll be on my way to America! Family, good food, green grass, outdoor swimming pools… the list is endless! There are no words to express just how excited I am to see my relatives as well.  But for now, I better stop thinking about that and start focusing on school work… Wish me luck on my finals!

Sources: From Ignant

Happy Birthday Jessie!

Did you know that Jessie and Maddie are born exactly one week apart (with 2 years in between)?! The month of April is crazy with Birthday frill, delicious cakes, lovely packaged presents and rainbow colored balloons. We celebrated Jessie’s Birthday on Saturday (although her Birthday is really the 13th of April) and I enjoyed a day (of much needed rest) spending time with my adorable Birthday sisters. Suffice it to say, I satisfied my baking crave by baking every single thing possible within a span of two days.

I fried cake donuts (sweet) while Maddie cooked egg boats (savory) for Jessie Saturday morning. My advice to you, “save donut boxes!” — reuse them when you feel creative enough to make your own sweet-dough desserts!

Guess where we got the ingredients to make this delicious (literally to die for) dessert? My cousins sent them all the way from AMERICA!  Of course they do not sell chex cereal, chocolate chips, OR powdered sugar in a typical Chinese super market so this was an especially delectable (and rare!) treat for Jessie.

Smoothies for an afternoon refreshment (YUM!), nothing more to be said.

Birthday Breakfast | Crepes

Happy Birthday Maddie! This morning I got up early – well, as early as I could pull myself out of bed – to start preparations for Maddie’s Birthday breakfast. We made her favorite, crêpes! These French pancakes are delicious, especially when served with whipped cream, jam, or lemon. I scrambled around, touching up the table settings and decorations, every minute expecting Maddie to wake up and catch us unprepared. I should’ve known that Maddie never wakes up on her own accord, though. In the end the breakfast was delicious. It is suffice to say that I wasn’t able to eat another bite until two in the afternoon!

To my lovely sister: I hope you had an amazing birthday today! You daily make me smile with your cheerful attitude; today I hope that I could give you at least a piece of the surprises and fun that I enjoy when I am with you! It is a blessing to have you as my sister! <3 Jessie

Geometric Collection | Audrey Hepburn

My latest addition to the Geometric Collection is well known style icon, Audrey Hepburn. The vintage fashion of her outfit and the general cool attitude expressed through this photograph really captures my attention, even at first glance. Her sophisticated elegance must be the reason why this shot is so well known. I hope you enjoy this piece as much as I did making it!

Geometric Collection – Twiggy

A few days ago I was browsing Pinterest, relaxing after a hard week of school. Lately I have been especially interested in geometric designs and patterns >> check out my Geometric Board on Pinterest! While I was scrolling through a Illustrative board I came upon a painting by Tim Biskup of a portrait composed of geometric shapes. I was so inspired by his work that I thought I’d give it a try!  I have decided to start a collection of portraits remade with geometric shapes of “Style Icons”. If you haven’t recognized her yet, this is a portrait of Leslie Hornby (Twiggy).  I really love how it turned out and I am currently working on the next piece, The Girl with a Pearl Earring.  Stay tuned to see how it turns out!

What’s in There? — Dissection

I was inspired by a fellow blogger to do a little post on “dissections”.  I decided that I’d try my hand at becoming a biologist.  I once dissected a fish in my 8th grade science class, but now I’ve taken my skills to a whole different level.  To start out I searched around my house to find some specimens for the operation.  Today we will be looking at the skins and innards of a toy train, a My Little Pony, and toothpaste.  First up, the toy train:  Megan got this on a field trip at the Beijing, bullet train station.  It served it’s purpose as a toy and now it has become a perfect patient.

Next is a more “life like” specimen for our dissection. Of all the delicate instruments and tools I used during the process, a small paper razor was the most helpful. As expected, dissections are far from tidy. Sadly, it was my blood, not the pony’s, which was spilled when my razor accidentally slipped. However, for the advancement of Science I think little of it! Though my hypotheses completely missed the mark, I still enjoyed the dissection.

Finally comes the toothpaste, my personal favorite. It never occurred to me that I had, in fact, never seen the inside of a toothpaste tube before this experiment- it was quite an exciting experience. At the local grocery store I picked up the Chinese favorite, green-tea-flavored toothpaste, as well as the American classic, minty Crest. To avoid stickiness I froze them before dissection, however the green tea toothpaste was more gel-like in nature, which was hard to work with. However, I think as a whole it was a successful dissection!