Red-Velvet Valentine’s Day Cake


Yes, I know its been a month since Valentine’s Day but to be honest, I couldn’t pass up this post no matter how late. I am putting it out there as the best tasting cake that I’ve ever made. It couldn’t of come at a better time either, as baking is my #1 method of showing my affection (which is what V-day is all about, right?).

There were many “firsts” for me in baking this cake, it was my first try at: red velvet cake, a 6-layer cake, filling with whipped cream… my first successful piping experience, the first cake that I’ve made for a specific occasion other than a birthday, to Megan’s delight, my first time using the cake plate she bought me for Christmas, and last but not least, the first cake that I’ve properly hoarded all for myself!


The reason I enjoyed this particular cake so much is its unique combination of flavors. As is tradition for a red-velvet cake, there is a cream cheese based filling which then alternates with a pink-colored, vanilla whipped cream. Covering the outside of this cake, is possibly the best chocolate icing I have ever tasted. However, the prize-winning factor has to do with the original nature of red-velvet cake. Unlike many cakes that I bake, this cake is “not” overwhelmingly CHOCOLATE… red-velvet cake is no more than a vanilla cake with a bit of added cocoa and a bunch of red food coloring. Hence, the ratio of vanilla to chocolate is just right.


The genius behind this monstrous cake can be found over at Sweetapolita -you can find the recipe and full description here.

Mama What’s Cookin’? Biscuits!

Aren’t Saturday biscuits heavenly?

I woke up early Saturday morning to make these cream cheese biscuits  for my family (and of course they loved me for it) There is something wonderful about starting out the day with a pleasant (and successful!) baking experience. I’ve baked home-made biscuits before but these were different… almost resilient. The cream cheese gave them an springy quality that was actually quite nice. In my pictures I spread them with pomegranate and raspberry jam but my favorite way to eat biscuits is hot-out-of-the-oven with lots of butter and honey… oh, and of course hot tea.

Visit BakedBree for the full recipe and enjoy!