I’m Lovin’…Winter

Winter is one of those seasons which can either drive you crazy because of the cold weather or it can make you excited. Right now winter is on the excitement side for me… I love how I can come home to a cozy couch where I can snuggle up and read a good book with a cup of hot cocoa.

1: Books: When snuggled up on the couch a good book is the perfect therapy for an exhausted mind. (Books from Ashleigh T)

2: Hot Cocoa is one of my favorite hot drinks to sip during the winter, it always helps to warm me up! (Hot Chocolate from synapse)

3: Scarves, the snuggly loop ones are my favorite! (buy it here from Etsy)

4: Boots! A winter outfit is never complete without a pair of boots. (Winter Boots from Alicia DeCosta)

5: Hand lotion is essential when it gets so dry here in this winter season of Tianjin (Twilight Woods Hand Lotion,  Japanese Cherry Blossom Hand Lotion from Bath and Body Works)