Dream House #2

I was browsing over the blog this week and came across my previous Dream House post and decided to create another…

My family moved earlier this year during spring break and although moving over a vacation is never appealing, at least it inspired me to write this post! I found it very difficult to have a relaxing break when boxes lay strewn across the ground, cleaning had to be done, and tasks of organization awaited us around every corner. However the memories Jessie and I made during this time are priceless. Although even now 5 months later we are still hanging pictures and finding places for “stuff” to go, I believe we had a successful move this year and I am quite proud of our efforts. I used the same resources as last time (fresh home) but this time I decided to pick a theme for the “dream house”. Doesn’t “scenic rural dream” sound enticing?! Check out these two houses that I combined keeping this theme in mind.

I love how the floors of both houses are so gorgeous, they match the rural theme so well.

look at those gorgeous windows!

The furniture in the picture above really pulls together the thought of a countryside house.


Dream House Anyone?

I was thinking about what my dream house might look like after reading many posts from Smile and Wave and her moving experiences over the past few weeks. So I decided to go searching for some houses that would be…well dreamy. I found an interesting  interior design and architecture web-site called Fresh Home, perfect for home styling inspiration. So without further ado my dream home…

I love this view of the kitchen.. it is so bright and full of color!