Details: Depression Glass

Eating at my grandparents house is always a treat, I mean, the food is great-straight from the garden-and getting to catch up is even better; but one thing that I really love is their cutlery and glassware, a mixture of Depression Glass and Elegant Glass-two types of vintage dining china that were both introduced in the early 1920’s to the 1950’s. Depression glass has interested me more because of its connection to the major economic event in our country’s history: The Great Depression. Durring that time, companies would produce glassware and package it inside of cereal boxes and other non-durable products as incentive to buy the goods. They were also given out as a sort of freebie at movies and other events.

Depression glass is still a great addition to any kitchen and a great way to present food at parties and other gatherings. Our family has a set of Sierra Green Depression Glass that we love to bring out on special occassions.

The details invested in these pieces of glass are what make them really special to me. They are great for age-whether you are a college student and feel like being “hipster”, or are a working young adult and need something else for the less-than-authentic

Some other great uses for depression glass pieces are: as a vase for flowers, presenting candies or nuts, serving tea or coffee, in decor, or as a bathroom accessory.

Thank you Vicki, Calloohcallay, and Ginny for capturing depression glass so well.