Reaching Out on Valentine’s Day

For Valentine’s Day this year, Jessie, Maddie, and I, invited some friends over for flower arranging and some much needed spring-time festivities. It took a full two days to prepare for this get-together. The first day was spent traveling around 天津 looking for materials, buying flowers, and finalizing snack menu ideas. We then spent the actual morning of the party; cleaning a very cluttered house, assembling a cake (most of the hard work was done the night before), and arranging table settings. Of course my favorite part of the preparations, was to bake the Valentine’s cake…  second to that, I enjoyed setting out flowers (in preparation for the bouquets), as well as decorating the table with candy and anything rosie&pink.  



I loved watching the creativity flow throughout this flowery project. Watching the unique style of each individual was so enchanting- their personalities were expressed through such distinct and beautiful technique.

threecakeThe lesson I learned through this, was to host more than just one or two gatherings a year! Its not until I am in the midst of something like this, that I realize how much fun I am having. Spending time in fellowship with friends (outside of school and mandatory events) is more important than I often give credit.  Ask Jessie, Maddie, or Michael and you will know that I am terrible at hosting events and am often not willing to get out and socialize much. SeriouslyI am such a home-body.






and let me just say that Jessie and Maddie are such pleasant people to collaborate with on these type of things…

I so didn’t deserve to be blessed with such precious sisters. Jessie inspires me to forget myself and dive into adventures with hard work and lots of prayer! She is honestly the hardest working person I have ever met… she will be a treasure to her future boss 😉 Maddie is completely un-phased by life’s troubles, she lets go and enjoys life… free to be herself. I wish I had her confidence and spirit! Hosting this party with these two was delightful.


Irresistibly adorable group photo, I know.


Cheers to friendships and creeping out of that ever clinging comfort zone.

Valentines Almanac

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I’m Lovin’… Valentines Day

Yesterday I had a movie night with my amigos, we went out to eat and gathered at my house to watch the classic National Treasure. It was nice to catch up and just chill :] For our movie snacks we had chocolate popcorn (made by a local street vendor in my neighborhood), coke/sprite, and my mommy’s homemade Lemon Bars. Yumm…

Valentines Day is almost in our grasp <3 and to tell you the truth I haven’t thought about it much. I think I might make some goody bags for my sis’ but I need to think about it more this weekend… Hope you get lots of Xs’ and Os’ this year on Valentines Day!

One: Don’t forget your camera to capture the moments :]

Two: Etsy Sailor Playsuit… CUTE!

Three: Red Velevet Cupcakes are to-die-for!

Four: Wear the reddest Lipstick you own <3

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