I’m Lovin’… Turquoise

Connecting Four has become very real and important to me lately. With Michael’s passion and work on it over the summer as my foundation, and the blog office renovations coming along (see Office Project) I am feeling more determined than ever to whip posts out. Although school has been a lot to handle, balancing my time between academics and blogging has been a good challenge and learning experience for me.

This week I was inspired to pick a more unique color, rather than the generic “red, blue, orange or green.” The first color that came to mind was turquoise. At first I was going to add a beach theme into the mix (notice the fish-painted plate and earrings), but as you can see it then evolved into this! I think I’m learning because this post didn’t take me long to create which is surprising as it normally take me quite a while to finish these kinds of posts (I know… it’s lame). I hope I will be as inspired to work this hard next week as I was today!

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Sources: 1: Chuck Taylor Side Zip 2: Are You Happy? 3. Pastel Swirl Cake  4. Turquoise Fish Earrings  5. Anthropology Plates 

I’m Lovin’…Yellow

Summer is flying by pretty fast yet as the days shorten and cold months crawl in, the color yellow remains vivid in my mind. The thoughts of lemonade, the big bright sun, and playful yellow finch’s come to my mind alongside memories of my summer in America. I miss Crab Hunting with cousins, Family dinners at grandpa and grandmas, late night conversations with my favorite aunts, and most of all, all the loving  hugs I got from the most important people. Returning home to visit family and friends was such a blessing and I will cherish the times I spent with them. I miss you guys!

I’ve decided to start a Color Collection starting with (obviously) yellow.

sources: 1: crown, 2: horse, bright side, grapefruit, 3: yellow dress, 4: Rain Boots, Lace Pumps

I’m Lovin’… Sunglasses

Sunglasses add a whole new aspect to an outfit that are not only useful but can be totally stylish if you wear them right. Unfortunately, last week on my Spring Trip I didn’t have any sunglasses (pictures of my adventures coming soon!) and I will admit it did get a little sunny at times. So with the summer season around the corner, shopping for some new sunglasses isn’t a bad idea. Although sometimes they can get pricey, sunglasses can be your best friend! Personally, I adore the Red Apple Sunglasses from Mod Cloth (#4) because they are so creative – and to tell you the truth I am not one for small lensed sunglasses – so these are perfect for me! Hope you’re summer is starting off fabulously with beautiful a pair of sunglasses!

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I’m Lovin’… Mod Cloth

I seem to always hear about Mod Cloth while reading other blogs but I never have taken the time to look around on their web cite till today and I figured out that I am totally loving Mod Cloth! The clothes are too cute and their decor is creative! I decided to pick out just a few Items that I thought were gorgeous to share with y’all today… I love the pink and turquoise mix of everything, those colors seem to match well together :]


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I’m Lovin’… Black & White

I have just started looking over Etsy now and then so I decided to pick out a few items that really stuck out to me to use as some sort of blog post Coincidentally they all were black and white so this post is dedicated to the lovely style of Black & White. The Black and white patterns are so great because it always seems to go well with any season, in every dress (like this dress!). When I picked all these items out I also thought about how perfect they would be for a day of shopping during the summer… I simply cannot get over that yellow mustache bag! Which item is your favorite?

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I’m Lovin’… Valentines Day

Yesterday I had a movie night with my amigos, we went out to eat and gathered at my house to watch the classic National Treasure. It was nice to catch up and just chill :] For our movie snacks we had chocolate popcorn (made by a local street vendor in my neighborhood), coke/sprite, and my mommy’s homemade Lemon Bars. Yumm…

Valentines Day is almost in our grasp <3 and to tell you the truth I haven’t thought about it much. I think I might make some goody bags for my sis’ but I need to think about it more this weekend… Hope you get lots of Xs’ and Os’ this year on Valentines Day!

One: Don’t forget your camera to capture the moments :]

Two: Etsy Sailor Playsuit… CUTE!

Three: Red Velevet Cupcakes are to-die-for!

Four: Wear the reddest Lipstick you own <3

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I’m Lovin’…Winter

Winter is one of those seasons which can either drive you crazy because of the cold weather or it can make you excited. Right now winter is on the excitement side for me… I love how I can come home to a cozy couch where I can snuggle up and read a good book with a cup of hot cocoa.

1: Books: When snuggled up on the couch a good book is the perfect therapy for an exhausted mind. (Books from Ashleigh T)

2: Hot Cocoa is one of my favorite hot drinks to sip during the winter, it always helps to warm me up! (Hot Chocolate from synapse)

3: Scarves, the snuggly loop ones are my favorite! (buy it here from Etsy)

4: Boots! A winter outfit is never complete without a pair of boots. (Winter Boots from Alicia DeCosta)

5: Hand lotion is essential when it gets so dry here in this winter season of Tianjin (Twilight Woods Hand Lotion,  Japanese Cherry Blossom Hand Lotion from Bath and Body Works)


I’m Lovin’… The Beach

Starting school today, I am far away from the sand, sun, and waves at the beach and closer to the skyscrapers, textbooks, and bad traffic. I wanted to go back to those moments, relaxing poolside, thinking about life and tanning my worries away.

1. Fauna; in Langkawi, Malaysia there are many monkeys and other animals around. 2. Nautical Vehicles; sailboats and fishing boats traversed the waters in search for good wind or a good catch. 3. Flora; flowers grew everywhere on the island because of the tropical location and heavy rainfall. 4; Fruit Juices; every day offered a new freshly squeezed drink.

I’m Lovin’…Mexican Food!

Sunday afternoon I visited a new Mexican Food Restaurant for lunch at a popular shopping centre called the Magnetic Center. This was a very special occasion because in Tianjin, Mexican food doesn’t exists. After examining the menu, I ordered the chicken quesadilla with cheddar cheese (which is also a rare item to find in China) and my mom ordered the Burrito Bowl with lime rice and cilantro. The food came out surprisingly fast and the taste testing began. I found that my quesadilla was quite tasty but Mom’s Burrito Bowl was a, something-you-can-make-at-home kind of dish. I was happy with my meal and although it was a bit pricy it was an overall good experience. An added bonus was that we (just Mom and I) were able to try it out before bringing the whole family of six there. With that said, this experience reminds me of all the amazing Mexican Food out there. I can’t wait until this summer when our family will get to visit family in America and -while we’re at it- devour some delicious “authentic” Mexican Food.

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I’m Lovin’… Sun Tanning


I have just returned from a tropical island in Malaysia called Langkawi (check out our lookbook containing pictures of the trip- coming soon). I had so much fun swimming in our cabin side pool, eating traditional Malaysian food such as fried rice or Tosei a flat bread with a sour dough taste to it, and most of all relaxing in the hot sun so foreign to us here in Tianjin. It is not only always calming to lay in the sun with a good book but getting that bronze colored tone to your skin makes it a win-win situation. However, I personally had a problem trying to both protect my skin while enjoy the heat of the sun as well. Hence, I included some tanning tips for a balance between the two. I hope this post fills your wintery day with sunshine.  Enjoy!!


– Exfoliate skin before tanning
– Take a shower after tanning and apply lotion in order to prevent dry or peeling skin
– Don’t spend too much time in the sun at one time (set a time limit from 15-30 minutes)
– Always use sun tan lotion
– Wear sunglasses and hats to protect your face
– And for an unusual tip… avoid lemons and celery because they cause skin to become more sensitive to the sun.


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