How To: Become a pro on Instagram

I am constantly amazed by the creativity that shows up on my Instagram feed: the textured action shots , surreal scenes, and incredible landscapes.

In a way, Instagram on the iphone has become a strain of the popular analogue “toy cameras” produced by Lomography.

The trick to this hobby is to use a wide range of apps (not solely instagram) on your phone to get your image just right.

Michael Headrick's Instagrams

To get the most out of your iphone (or android smart phone), here are some apps to really open up this world of photography:

Great photo editing iphone apps.
1. D-Series 2. Art Studio 3. Filter Mania 2 4. Instagram 5. PuddingCam 6. Pixlr-o-matic

D-Series and PuddingCam are both camera applications that have a wide range of filters, and include their own options like image size, resolution, coloring, exposure, and more.

Filter Mania 2 is a bit of a cheesy app. They have many filters for photo processing, but most of them are almost cartoon-ish. However, they can be modified with the luminosity and opacity functions on the app.

My favorite are Pixlr-o-matic and of course, Instagram. Pixlr-o-matic has more freedom, but doesn’t have the strong social media aspect that Instagram has created.

Lastly, Art Studio is an interesting app. The main function is for painting and drawing, but has the capability to load images and gives freedom like blending options. This is an almost photoshop-like app, which you can use to layer images and do more detailed work.

Here are some examples and tips:

These three images were created using a variety of Instagram, Pixlr-o-matic, and Filter Mania 2.

You can add more a more graphic design look with Filter Mania 2, in the top image (the opaque circles and added colors).

Use these textures give your photos a bit of depth and some color interest factor.

The three above were created with Instagram and ArtStudio. All three are layered images.

This adds an interesting aspect to any image. The different layering and blending options utilizes the light and contrast in multiple images to give it a truly unique look.

Lastly: Use Instagram to add the finishing touches (color, contrast and blur) and share with the world!

iphone Pictures/Spring Trips!

Here are some pictures of what’s been happening lately.

Each spring our school provides a class trip to different parts of China, on these trip we sight see, experience Chinese culture, and eat a ton of Chinese traditional foods. The time has come once again for each class to head out on their Spring Trip. So, to make sure I am fully prepared, I went shopping today for some of my favorite snacks to bring along – as a back up, if you know what I mean!  Snacks are a definite must when going on spring trip – to quote myself, “a trip is not a trip without food”. I am so excited to have the oppertunity to visit NanJing, a city in China regarded as one of the most famous cities in China because of it’s extensive history.  This ancient city was actually the Northern capital of China and later was attacked by the Japanese in WWII. I’m anxious to discover the adventures NanJing holds for me. Wish me luck on my travels!

Blog Meeting

Today was a big day for the blog. Since I am currently in China, we are right now having some regroup chats and making strategies for the future. Our goal is to really stay true to our main purpose of staying connected.

This means chatting, talking, living, and thinking with the view of our siblings and staying in-touch. I want to keep going over ideas with each other and making sure that this is not in an individualistic approach. Below are some instagram photos from today… inspiration for the future.