Mama What’s Cookin’? “Tomato” Restaurant Edition

After five long and glorious weeks of winter break, free from school, teachers and exams, I’m now (as of today) back in a classroom. Goodbye to late night movies, Starbucks coffee outings and days where my to do list consists of <1. get dressed & brush hair 2. watch Adobe application tutorials 3. Take sisters out to dinner>. Today we started school in a brand new building and it was wonderful… well except for the fact that I had to leave my house 10 minutes earlier than usual to catch the bus (hey, 10 minutes is a lot when your talking getting ready in the morning), waiting in the frigid weather because Mom want’ed to make “certain” we didn’t miss the bus, and having my body temperature turn from freezing to boiling in a matter of precisely 2 minutes after loading the bus because of extreme overuse of bus heating capabilities. The day progressed more smoothly once I actually arrived at the new campus.

Anyway, on to what this post is actually supposed to be about:

During our winter vacation in Malaysia we adopted a small, beach side Indian/Malaysian restaurant as our very own. I don’t exactly know why but the restaurant was named, “Tomato” and its a small place nudged between two larger restaurants, although its easy to miss on a drive-by, we found that it was almost always packed with people inside. The prices were literally dirt cheap, the selection of dishes vast, and the various curries, rotti, and rices were delicious. Throughout our stay, we ate there at least four times, including once for a 2:00 am snack! The popular Malaysian drinks such as kopi (Malaysian coffee) or teh (like a milk tea) were spectacular not to mention the large variety of other drinks they provided. In remembrance of this cute restaurant, brighten your Monday by taking a friend to eat Indian food with you and talk of pleasant things!

Mama What’s Cookin’? Carrot Cake Donuts

I was craving something different for breakfast this morning, something other than Maddie’s crepes [which she makes almost “every” non-school morning– I mean I like crepes but they get kind of old after a while– no offense Maddie]… Anyway, I was super excited to start this exciting venture BUT to my disappointment the recipe I wanted to use called for an overnight stay in the fridge for the little blob of sticky dough. Well, I decided to make it anyway and after sticking the dough safely in the fridge. I mixed up a batch of fluffy white biscuits for breakfast.

P.S. We topped our donuts with scoops of vanilla ice cream, you can also top your donuts with a simple cream cheese icing or even dip them in glaze and sprinkles!