Photo Lantern

This week, one of my friends asked me to take a look at a blog post she found inspiring. The work displayed was an array of paper jewels-a giant installation made of paper. I agree, the work that she showed me was really inspiring. I really enjoyed the work of Kristen Hassenfeld and decided to try something inspired from her work. This project is very manageable-only taking me one hour to fully complete. I wanted to use some of the printed photos I had lying around, so I tried to re-create a jewel-like-lantern with them.
Here is my product and below are the instructions:

And here is how I did it:

1. Get your supplies. You will need a cutter, ruler, cutting board, tape, laminate paper, string and a marker. (and of course your photos)

2. Cut your laminate paper into a pattern that you will duplicate onto the pictures. I used a hexagon shape.

3. With the pattern cut all of your pictures. Perforate two lines onto the photo (making sure you do not cut all the way through), so that you get a place to fold the picture.

4. Tape all of the flat sides of the hexagons together, making a cylinder of hexagons.

5. Start taping the angled sides together. (Make sure to tape two together, then skip one and tape the next two together-and so on-refer to the above).

6. Take the triangle pieces that you cut off of the hexagons and tape the longest sides together.

7. Tape these into the remaining gaps between your hexagons.

8. Finish by taping these smaller triangles together at their tips.

9. Use string to hang.

This and That: Tron


Art and pop culture walk hand in hand, yet many are not attuned to trends and styles that runs through both art and culture. This was amore obvious case as I instinctively thought of a space aged setting while viewing the ink on canvas print on the left. Surprisingly enough, this picture was hung in a tiki bar on one of the main beaches in Langkawi, Malaysia. The print reminded me of tron in particular because of the kind of helmet and light features that were present in the art piece.

The print reminded me of a movie that came out about two years ago-Tron. This remake of a 1982 science fiction film is all about speed space ship racing and light-up suits. The detailing in the print do take away from the very minimalistic tron suits and helmets, and lean towards a more the Starwars IV film. The compilation of these aspects remind us of certain things, but also give rise to so many other mediums and pieces of work like this forward chair design by Mike To (Seen on
Chair by Mike To

Or this house design by Hanse Haus (Seen on Design Boom):
Chair by Mike To

What surprised-or rather interested me- was presence of this print. In fiction culture, we are so used to the fast paced changes. First it was Star Wars, then Back to the Future, then Harry Potter, then Eragon, then more Harry Potter, then Twilight, then Zombies, and it keeps going. These phases in fictional media are fast moving, but I think the art scene (however fast) moves a bit more slowly. Yet, when we recontemplate and rethink these pieces of art and media, we can gain new inspiration and again these similar themes and trends flow through the fiction scene.

(Images courtesy of Click the gif below for a full interview on Tron the movie.