Cake Challenge: August

Remembering what a hit January’s cake was, I decided to try it again but this time with a simple chocolate cake accompanied by smooth vanilla buttercream filling.

This particular cake was a surprise Birthday dessert for our good friends, the Gohs. A couple of weeks ago, Mr. Goh emailed my Mom about joining their family for Thai food at an eclectic restaurant in downtown Tianjin to celebrate Mrs. Goh’s Birthday. Of course Mom (the courteous mother she is) felt compelled to bring something along to the dinner. So she replied asking if we could provide the B-day cake for Mrs. Goh.  Mrs. Goh has always been a very encouraging supporter of my baking passion and she herself is a queen of creative scrapbooking so I definitely wanted to bake something special for her. This cake was the result…

our family met them at the restaurant and enjoyed a lovely dinner and (an even lovelier) cake. ~Unfortunately the Gohs arrived at the restaurant before we did and seeing 11 seats at their reserved table, Mrs. Goh soon guessed who would be joining them for dinner.

In the end, I have to say my favorite part of baking cakes are the memories I hold with those I share them with.

<Cake Challenge Series: is a collection of posts which document the cakes I bake each month. More specifically, I have a goal this year to bake at least one (hopefully spectacular) layer cake each month, and photograph/post them here. I hope you enjoy this collection as much as I enjoy baking these delicious desserts!>

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I’m Lovin’… Baked Bree

As I began to write this post on Baked Bree, a cooking blog, I discovered so much more about the author and her personal blog Bree Hester. I also found out that she has created her very own cookbook. As I learned more and more about this blog I believe that Baked Bree is one of my favorite sources to find new recipes. She explains things so well and her layout is super helpful for anyone who needs some helpful steps along the way. One of my personal favorite dishes from this particular blog are the chicken skewers, I’ve made them about 3 or 4 times and they have always turned out delicious! I definitely recommend this blog for any of you cookers out there needing a fresh recipe to try out. From the whole experience of  searching out this blog I learned a lesson, I need to research more about the backgrounds of blogs the author, their life, type of blog, etc.