Missing Summer and Family


The school year is nearing at an uncontrollably swift pace, and in looking forward I also look back at the memories I shard during the summer of 2013. This particular day, in Dallas TX, was one of my favorites because I had the privilege of spending an entire day snuggling my baby cousins.


The day started with a batch of caramelized french toast made by yours truly, and ended with a sunset as I held a little, sleeping girl in my arms. Everywhere in between, I enjoyed time on the lake’s shore, taking photos, cooking out, and playing with the dog, Snorts (as we have nicknamed her).








I’ve been so blessed with family who love and care for me, I will treasure this day for a long while to come.


Here’s a new motto to those of you who were hoping to squeeze in some extra hours of sleep this weekend – “Happiness is loving SLEEP”. I have been trying to get in some late mornings myself this week as we are on Spring Break. Our recent move to our new apartment, however, has interfered with my plan a bit. So please, tonight get some sleep for me!

Source: Back Picture