I’m Lovin’… Sunglasses

Sunglasses add a whole new aspect to an outfit that are not only useful but can be totally stylish if you wear them right. Unfortunately, last week on my Spring Trip I didn’t have any sunglasses (pictures of my adventures coming soon!) and I will admit it did get a little sunny at times. So with the summer season around the corner, shopping for some new sunglasses isn’t a bad idea. Although sometimes they can get pricey, sunglasses can be your best friend! Personally, I adore the Red Apple Sunglasses from Mod Cloth (#4) because they are so creative – and to tell you the truth I am not one for small lensed sunglasses – so these are perfect for me! Hope you’re summer is starting off fabulously with beautiful a pair of sunglasses!

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iphone Pictures/Spring Trips!

Here are some pictures of what’s been happening lately.

Each spring our school provides a class trip to different parts of China, on these trip we sight see, experience Chinese culture, and eat a ton of Chinese traditional foods. The time has come once again for each class to head out on their Spring Trip. So, to make sure I am fully prepared, I went shopping today for some of my favorite snacks to bring along – as a back up, if you know what I mean!  Snacks are a definite must when going on spring trip – to quote myself, “a trip is not a trip without food”. I am so excited to have the oppertunity to visit NanJing, a city in China regarded as one of the most famous cities in China because of it’s extensive history.  This ancient city was actually the Northern capital of China and later was attacked by the Japanese in WWII. I’m anxious to discover the adventures NanJing holds for me. Wish me luck on my travels!