Summer in Review

It’s been an amazing, fun, whirlwind of a summer and I cannot even begin to describe how much I’m missing all my dear friends, family, and most of all my big sissy, Rachel. It’s so hard having to leave everything & everyone knowing that it’ll be a whole year before I’ll see them again. However, I know the memories I make each summer will stick with me for a lifetime.
I’ll always cherish the many golf cart rides I had with my cousin Grace. And, I’ll never forget the drive in movie I watched with my South Dakota cousins, Bethany and Christian. haha and I definitely won’t forget the consequences of losing a race down to the lake at my Grandma’s house; a soaking pair of clothes and wet hair!

Life will constantly present us with complicated and difficult situations but I think during these situations the most important thing to remember is that God has a plan. He knows why, how, and when everything will be sorted out. I guess what I’m saying is, Leave it up to God, He’ll take care of it all.


Missing Summer and Family


The school year is nearing at an uncontrollably swift pace, and in looking forward I also look back at the memories I shard during the summer of 2013. This particular day, in Dallas TX, was one of my favorites because I had the privilege of spending an entire day snuggling my baby cousins.


The day started with a batch of caramelized french toast made by yours truly, and ended with a sunset as I held a little, sleeping girl in my arms. Everywhere in between, I enjoyed time on the lake’s shore, taking photos, cooking out, and playing with the dog, Snorts (as we have nicknamed her).








I’ve been so blessed with family who love and care for me, I will treasure this day for a long while to come.

I’m Lovin’…Yellow

Summer is flying by pretty fast yet as the days shorten and cold months crawl in, the color yellow remains vivid in my mind. The thoughts of lemonade, the big bright sun, and playful yellow finch’s come to my mind alongside memories of my summer in America. I miss Crab Hunting with cousins, Family dinners at grandpa and grandmas, late night conversations with my favorite aunts, and most of all, all the loving  hugs I got from the most important people. Returning home to visit family and friends was such a blessing and I will cherish the times I spent with them. I miss you guys!

I’ve decided to start a Color Collection starting with (obviously) yellow.

sources: 1: crown, 2: horse, bright side, grapefruit, 3: yellow dress, 4: Rain Boots, Lace Pumps

Feels Like Summer

With only a few hours left in Tianjin, it is finally starting to feel like summer. Flowers are blooming, we’ve had blue skies for three days straight and the days are blending together with summer BBQs and dinners on the porch.

Needless to say, I am going to miss this a lot.

Flowers at a botanical garden in down town Tianjin.

My beautiful sister, Rachel.

Farewell Tianjin, the place where I spent one of the best summers of my life.

Watermelon Pink Lemonade

It was 35 degrees (95 degrees Fahrenheit) today, and I needed something to cool me off. This Watermelon Pink Lemonade just what I needed- it’s the perfect remedy for a hot summer day!

(Recipe at end of post.)

The best part of this frosty snack is after you drink the lemonade: eating the watermelon. The fruit will absorb the pink lemonade and you get incredible sweet and sour flavored watermelon cubes.

I’ve found that using chop sticks is an easy way to eat watermelon. This pink set matched so well with the color of the summer cooler.

This drink is perfect for summer BBQs, children’s birthday parties, and even garden party events.