Tall Buildings

I did it! I actually created my very own Tumblr photo blog and to be completely honest I think it’s pretty successful so far…

When I first had the idea to create an account on Tumblr I thought of the name Tall Buildings because of all the tall structures around me in 天津 (TianJin). The more I discover the vast world of photo blogging, the more I realize that searching for inspirational photos will never get old for me!

I’ve always had trouble not knowing exactly what to spend my free time on (hobby-wise). You see, Rachel bakes, Jessie is obsessed with Adobe Illustrator, Michael is artistically gifted in everything but I never had anything in particular that I enjoyed. Yet, now I’m pretty sure I’ve found my passion in photography, and not only just taking pictures but sharing them as well! The inspiration you can find in photoblogging is incredible, from old timey photos to vibrant modern ones, the flow of inspiration never ends!